Forestry Mulching

SLCS specialises in Forestry mulching throughout Albury, Wodonga, and the Riverina, a modern clearing process of tress, scrub and stumps whereby the undesirable vegetation is ground into mulch and returned to the cleared land; as opposed to the old technique of either windrow burning or moving the rich organic matter entirely from the site.

The mulch, which is spread across the cleared site, retards initial regrowth, minimises erosion, and returns nutrient-rich organic matter back to the topsoil.

This mulching process also minimise damage to the remaining trees by protecting the any exposure of the feeder roots that may result in traditional clearing methods; the resultant layer of mulch will natural decompose, retuning nutrition to the soil.

Soil degradation and compaction is minimised as it involves a single-machine operation and the mulch layer also provides protection from subsequent vehicle traffic. The process is more cost-effective than traditional land clearing methods.

With public views changing on forestry and clearing practices, and government authorities heading the call, forestry mulching is quickly becoming the preferred method, and the old ‘slash and burn’ methods are becoming frowned upon.

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